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Please try again later. Another study found that smokers contribute a disproportionate share of slot machine revenue compared to nonsmokers. Cathy Callaway, the network's associate director of state and local campaigns, said she was wary of casinos setting a bad example. I really like the layout of the hotel. Why do people choose Germany for lung cancer treatment? Why was smoking once allowed on planes in the US?

On August 1, , Ho-Chunk Gaming took a bold step in their Madison casino: they made the entire casino smoke-free. Executive Manager Daniel Brown was. Patrons of Rivers Casino disagree on whether smoking at the casino should be banned or allowed to continue. The fact that there aren't any smoke-free casinos in Las Vegas is itself your answer to the question - there's not enough money in it for them to make the switch themselves. If smoking is not allowed on aircraft, then why do they have ashtrays inside the lavatories?

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